Tell me, What is the biggest problem, you are facing as an E-commerce business owner?

99% of E-commerce owners will answer COD or RTO. This one thing is ultimately responsible for almost all problems.

COD has the power to make your business or break your business. It can help you get lots of orders or huge losses if not delivered. Different types of businesses have different sorts of challenges but out of them, COD has been called a problem in eCommerce.

So the question arises here, Can we do anything about this?

The answer is Yes. Yes, we can !! but What?

Simply Increase your prepaid orders ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, thatโ€™s the problem, itโ€™s not that easy, in fact, it’s the biggest problem for anybody doing eCommerce in India. We all know that COD is the pillar of the Indian eCommerce market and we need to find an alternative for this pillar. If you want to bloom your business you need to do this at any cost.

So, here Iโ€™m sharing the tips that worked 100% on our stores and took our prepaid orders from 2%-5% to 14%-20%. Here is what you need to doโ€ฆ

1. Trustworthy Professional Store

A customer generally doesnโ€™t trust a new unheard website for making prepaid payment, itโ€™s like giving money to someone totally unknown on trust.

to make them trust you, first you need to look professional. Make them believe in you so that you can convert their trust into your profit.

First thing first, you donโ€™t need to show off things. Attracting customers donโ€™t mean you have to exaggerate everything you just need to create a simple, sophisticated, and decent store. A store like Amazon, Apple, Samsung, etc they do not make things to lure their customers, they make them provide a complete overview of their product in the easiest way possible.

There are so many things to consider in order to create a professional store, i.e. Minimal Logo, Website Color Scheme, Good quality images, Trustbadges, Proper Description, Tracking page, etc.

2. Trustworthy Checkout page

Your checkout page design can be the most crucial part of your entire website, It’s a place where customers are actually going to pay.testimonial at checkout

Prominently display reviews/testimonials, trust signals, badges, and seals to give customers peace of mind during checkout. Showing these throughout checkout gives customers confidence in the platform they are using and the security it provides. If customers do not feel their financial and personal details will be kept safe, they are unlikely to complete a purchase in your store.

3. Payment Gateways

Your store must have all the required payments gateways, so customers can pay using UPI, Paytm, credit/debit cards, Net Banking, etc. 90% of the customers prefer UPI(Google Pay, Phonepe, BHIM & Paytm).

prepaid orders - Payment Gateways

4. Give Discount on Prepaid Orders

Yes, you heard it right now you need to lure your customer. Flashing in front or while they make their order offer about free gifts or something on doing prepaid orders will definitely going to increase the number of your prepaid orders.

You can give discounts if the customer pays online and also charge some fees on COD orders, this will encourage customers to place a prepaid order.

prepaid orders

5. Transparency

You should be transparent with every aspect of your business, i.e. Order details, Order Processing Time, Return/Refunds policy. You must have an about us, tracking page and also add your social media links. You must have all the necessary legal policies attached to your store.


Order details

6. Engagement Ads

You may think that running conversion ads already costs money so why invest in engagement ads. But you need to think in a broader way to achieve something that is tuff. Engagement ads are important to build what is called social proof(meaning your ad has likes, comments, and shares). People trust posts
or products or services with lots of engagement on it

You need to use this formula. You need to create your brand awareness so that you can build up trust with your customer and turn your potential customer into your prepaid customer.

7. Make a Deal About Free Shipping

Provide your customer with free shipping while making online payments and put an amount charged for Cash on delivery. It increases prepaid orders, it works like hitting somebodies conscious about paying extra for cash on delivery.

If you are worried about the person that left your website because they do not want to pay extra for cash on delivery and also donโ€™t want to do an online payment. What you can do here is Abandoned Cart Recovery Calling. Do it yourself or Assign a Professional Calling team for this and call that customers give them free cash on delivery and convert them also to your potential customers.

8. Unique Product With Best Pricing

Do you know one of the main reasons behind RTO orders? This selling the same products. There are thousands of websites nowadays that are doing eCommerce and repeatedly showing the same product to a customer with different pricing sometimes make them confused. So what they do is they return the order of higher pricing and make another order from the website that shows a lower price range.

So try to sell something that is unique and sell at the best price range that doesnโ€™t make a customer feel dissatisfied and also helps you gain some profit.

Finding a unique kind of product is not that difficult as we thought. But you need to do some research for it and this will be worth applying time on.

9. Genuine Customer Feedback

Yes, you may all know this already but the value of feedback is never going to stop in an eCommerce world. The virtual world needs the support of feedback. When a customer gets satisfied with the quality of your product they donโ€™t mind providing you with the feedback, you need to pursue them.

Why this is necessary? Because the feedback from you one satisfied customer will ensure the other one to buy the product. It works like this more positive feedback will stronger the trust and convert their trust into your profit.

You can also use tricks of gifts here like providing coupon codes to your customers for their next purchase if they review the product and provide feedback.

These are some of the working tips that will definitely be going to increase your prepaid orders. They are some of the tried and tested formulas that will be helping you to encourage your customer to make prepaid orders and also profit out of them.

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