How to Integrate WooCommerce with Shiprocket

Step A:

1. log in to the WooCommerce admin panel.

2. Goto WooCommerce Tab-> Settings -> API -> Keys/Apps -> Click “Add Key” Button.

3. In Key Details put Description as “Shiprocket”  & Set Permission to “Read/Write”.
4. Click “Generate API key”.

5. Here, you will get Consumer Key & Consumer Secret for WooCommerce. Copy them.

Step B:
1. Login to ShipRocket panel.
2. Goto Settings – Channels.
3. Click on “Add New Channel” Button.

4. Click on WooCommerce -> Integrate.

5. Switch “On” the Order and Inventory Sync.
6. Fill in the Parameters as saved from the WooCommerce Panel.
7. Click “Save Channel & Test Connection”.

8. Green icon indicates that the channel have been successfully configured.

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