Watch Complete Video on How You Can Create Razorpay Payment Gateway Account 2022 [ Step-by-Step ].

Create a Razorpay Account

You need to sign up for a Razorpay account to use the Razorpay Payments products and access the Razorpay Dashboard.

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete the pre-sign up form
  3. Verify email address
  4. Complete Account Activation and KYC Verification

After creating an account, you can start accepting payments from customers. However, the money is settled in your account only after your KYC is verified.

Sign Up🔗

Watch this video to see how to sign up for a Razorpay account.

To create a Razorpay account:

  1. Go to the Razorpay website and click Sign Up.
  2. Enter your work email address and a password for your Razorpay account and click Create Account.


Pre-sign Up Form🔗

  1. Provide the following business details:
    • Select your business type.


    • Select your monthly revenue range.


  2. Enter your name and contact details and click Next.


Verify Email Address🔗

  1. Copy the OTP sent to the email address provided during sign-up.
  2. Enter the OTP and complete the verification process.

Test Mode
Once your account is created, you have access to the Test mode on the Dashboard. Test mode is used for testing purposes and does not involve actual money transactions. However, you would need to activate your account in order to accept live payments.

Account Activation and KYC🔗

To access live mode and accept payments from customers, you must activate your account and complete the KYC process.

Handy Tips

  • You have to generate separate API keys for Live and Test modes. Know more about API Keys.
  • Even though your account is active and you can start accepting domestic payments, your payments will be settled only after KYC verification.
  • In some cases, you might have to complete KYC verification to get access to Live mode. Please contact Razorpay Support for more details.

Account Activation🔗

You can activate your account:

  • At first login: Click Activate your account on the pop-up page and complete the KYC process.



  • From My Account → Profile: Click Fill activation form in the Account Activation field.


KYC Verification🔗

As part of the KYC verification, you need to submit information such as contact details, business overview, business details, and more. Know more about KYC documents to be submitted by different business types.

Follow these steps to complete KYC verification:

  1. Review the details in the Contact Info tab. This displays your Contact Name, Contact Number and Contact Email. Click Save & Next.


  2. In the Business Overview tab, enter the following details:
    1. Business Type: Select the appropriate business type. For example, Proprietorship.
    2. Business Category: Select the business category. For example, Ecommerce.
    3. Sub Category: Select the business sub-category. For example, Book and Publications.
    4. Business Description: Give a brief description of the nature of your business. Include examples of the products you sell, the business category you operate under, your customers, and the channels you primarily use to conduct your business(Website, offline retail, and so on). You must enter a minimum of 200 characters.
    5. Average Order Value: Select the average order value range.
    6. How do you wish to accept payments: Select whether you want to accept payments:
      • Without website/app: You can use our products such as Payment Pages to accept payments.Handy Tips
        Select this option if you want to provide the website/app details later.
      • On my website/app: Enter your website/app URL. This is mandatory to generate Live Mode API keys.
    7. Click Save & Next.


  3. In the Business Details tab, enter information regarding your business. The fields on this page will differ according to the business type selected.


  4. Click Submit & Verify.


Bank Account and Documents Upload🔗

Razorpay performs an initial KYC review. Upon successful review, two additional tabs appear on the left menu:

  • Bank Account
  • Documents Upload
  1. In the Bank Details tab, fill in your bank account details such as Bank account number, Beneficiary name and IFSC. This will be the account to which Razorpay settles your funds.


  2. In the Documents Verification tab, upload the PDF copies of the business documents. The fields on this page will differ according to the business type selected.


  3. After completing the KYC form and uploading the required document, read through the Terms and Conditions. Select the check box on the page if you have read and agree with the terms and conditions, and click Submit.


Our team will review the information submitted by you. It takes approximately 3 days to complete the review process.

Provide Clarification🔗

During the review process, we may reach out to you for clarifications. You can address these queries on the Razorpay Dashboard.

Successful Activation🔗

Your Razorpay account is activated upon successful review of all the information provided above.

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