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Why CHOOSE Us over IVR/SMS ?

The human touch in customer service refers to the respect, flexibility and empathy with which customers want to be treated. Technology is efficient, but it often fails on all these subtle service fronts.

And implicitly, this means they want that human touch threaded across their customer service experience. Why? Because humans act (and buy) based on emotions.

When customers reach out to businesses, the emotional awareness of the agent makes all the difference. Only a human can pick up on emotional cues and adjust their messages accordingly – upselling to an invested customer or calming an angry one.

If your customers have a good experience, they’ll associate your business with a positive emotion, promoting trust. A bad or emotionless experience, meanwhile, does the opposite.

Trust helps businesses cultivate customer loyalty, and forms a cornerstone of a great customer experience.  Without trust, you won’t be needing a customer support team for long.

Our Services

COD Confirmation

Verify that a customer has legitimately placed an order

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Convert people that abandon your website into paying customers

RTO Calling

Identify the root cause of the issue and ensure product delivery.


Prevent cancellation

Reduced RTOs

Increased converison rate

Reduced operational costs

Build Trust

Improve Efficiency

Why verify COD orders ?

Cash on delivery (COD) is a great enabler for the e-commerce industry. It contributes to more than 50% of all e-commerce transactions. But, it also is one of the leading sources of operational loss due to cancellations and bogus orders. Hence, reducing COD failures is top priority for e-commerce players. Using Our COD confirmation service, you can ensure that your COD orders are legitimate before you ship them out.


On average, 76% of people that visit your site and show an interest in your products will leave before completing a shopping cart payment due to various reasons.Convert them into paying customers with us.

Abandoned cart Recovery

Increase Conversion Rate with Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned cart customers are the warmest leads you could have for your business. They are people who have already gone through the awareness, consideration, and preference stages of their sales funnel and just need nudge to confirm their purchase.

Why do Abandoned Cart Recovery Calls ?

It doesn’t matter if you are in Retail, Travel, Insurance, Finance, Utilities or Telecoms, phone calls are the most effective cart recovery channel at your disposal. Not only do they achieve a good contact rate over 65% (source Optilead), but they also regularly achieve conversion rates well over 20% – many times more than that of email, which rarely rises over 5%.


E-commerce businesses are negatively affecting by growing number of returns and order cancellation by buyers. However, is it true every time?  There is a bitter truth about e-commerce logistics that no one is talking about. Some buyers may genuinely dissatisfy with the product and returns the same, and also who cancels the order. However, what if one of the stakeholders of this supply chain is making fake delivery attempts?

What is a fake delivery attempt?

Have you ever encountered “customer was not available to receive the shipment”?

It is highly possible that your customer was present at the given delivery address the whole day. However, no delivery representative has actually gone there to make a delivery of the shipment. What happens in such cases? Customers are highly frustrated and dissatisfied with you as a seller for not delivering the order on time.

This type of situations dents your brand image and not of the courier partner.

How WE can save you from such fake delivery attempts?

When our NDR (Non-Delivery Reports) team receives the case of non-delivery in the first attempt, it gets in touch with the customer/consignee.

Our NDR team validates the reason given by the delivery person with the customer. If the reason given by the customer doesn’t match, team marks such cases as the fake delivery attempted or fake remarks given.

Our NDR team escalates the matter immediately to the delivery partner to make delivery reattempt. In this entire process, we keep you (the seller) in a loop to keep the transparency.

We identify the root cause of the issue and ensure product delivery.

You can save yourself from paying shipping charges twice and losing repeat business with a combination of technical and operational efficiency.